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Four on-trend Recliner Sofas to Refresh your Living Room

For people who like experimenting with decor, the choice of home accessories has seen a sudden spurt in demand. If you are looking for something beyond the usual, you can consider buying recliners instead of sofas for the living rooms.

Feel like stretching your legs after a day of hard work or just want to relax, look up these recliners that are not only equipped with best of features and accessories to pamper you, but are also worth a flaunt.

Recliner sofa

The Versatil living

Fascinating design, imposing character and comfort exemplified, the versatil is a recliner that is a multipurpose marvel shaped to make your whole day, a serene enjoyable one. Go ahead, surrender to the absolute versatility and enjoy the comfort of a sofa and a lounger all in one.


Nirvana in Otium

Isn’t this a treat to the eyes? Wait till you feel the feather-touch, the heavenly feel of this motor-controlled adjustable recliner and you will know what you were missing out on. Come aboard and indulge your senses! A journey of pleasure awaits you.


The Cubo Calm

There’s more to a picture than meets the eye. With built in flex mechanism perfectly aligned to rejuvenate your body, this recliner is a dream come true for all those who need that soothing feeling. Complement the richness of your living room and dwell in the boundless world of comforts with a recliner that is way more calming than any other.


The Power-Lift

With warmth draped around innovation, power-lift is overindulgence exemplified. With smooth and super-quiet motorized function, this recliner lifts up to assist you to a standing position without needing you to lift a muscle. Experience state-of-the-art technology blended with ultimate comfort! This is one recliner that is designed to excellence.

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