Recliners: Type of Upholstery to go with your aesthetic sense

What makes for an impressive Recliner? Is it the imposing aura, captivating looks, heavenly comfort or fascinating craftsmanship? Well, a recliner packed with all wouldn’t hurt. But what would be an icing on the cake is the classy upholstery that would add the charm and glamour to your treasured possession. Some upholstery types unanimously go along with any design and decor, while others look great in only specific situations.

Here’s your guide to recliner fabric which will help you choose the one suited for your needs.



 Leather remains the undisputed best upholstery for a recliner. It looks rich and luxurious, they withstand wear and tear better. They are stain-resistant and are easy to clean, all you need is light dusting and rub to make them sparkling clean. If you are looking for a contemporary or modern looking recliner, leather recliner makes for a high end choice that fills up the room with elegance.


Leatherette / Vinyl

 A material that mimics the properties of leather and comes as less expensive of the two, leatherette is an upholstery material designed to replicate the looks and feel of leather. Though, some people assert that it is prone to emit a foul smell, high quality leatherette material is pleasant to smell but should be kept out of contact with direct sunlight. Other than that, it is a good addition to your interiors.



 Not expensive but highly durable and flashy, this upholstery is a taste curated for connoisseurs. It’s daring in design, is extremely soft and fluffy, and makes for a luxurious seating. With dark colors that can brighten up a room, suede can be comfy and classic at the same time. The rich, sumptuousness smooth material is stretchable and can easily last really long if you are willing to take care of it.



 Nothing feels more plush, deep and enveloping than a velvet recliner. The incredible feeling of cushioning up in a comfy, relaxing velvet recliner is incomparable. But, do take care of spills, stains and everyday wear and tear because velvet upholstery is a high maintenance thing. This one’s going to stand out where ever you put it and will attract a lot of eyeballs for sure.



Fabrics made from natural or synthetic fibers are soft to touch and great to feel. These are highly ideal for a design pattern that you find extremely attractive. You can choose from fabrics like cotton, linen, wool, silk, rayon, polyester, nylon, polypropylene and acrylic for the recliner and pull up your imagination to weave an upholstery for your recliner.

Deciding the best upholstery for your recliner will help you live and enjoy every second of a Little Nap .


Classic Range and Shades of Upholstery  


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